Stick a tag on almost anything, if you lose it
we will get it back


Your Lost Items to Your Door


Everyone Helps

Found it! Our global community uses their smartphones to alert Speechee your item’s been found. 

Secure Pickup

We come to the finder and notify you when we securely pick the item up.

Returned to Your Door

Speechee partners with Fedex to ensure 
safe and successful delivery. 

How We Do It

Once Attached They Never Detatch

Tags are waterproof, dirtproof, shock-resistant, and perfectly sized to suit your stuff.

Text and App Enabled

Anyone can access the Speechee Network by app or text eliminating the need for inconvenient downloads.

Incentivised return

Stick a tag on almost anything, if you lose it we will get it back.

QR code activated

A simple scan of a QR code is all you need to access the Speechee network.

Anonymity is Key

Your address and identity remain private thanks to our encrypted QR codes

High Tech Brought Back To Earth

The Speechee Cloud integrates all of the logistics for pick-up, shipping, tracking, and return.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

This is absolutely genius! The next time my son forgets something on the bus I’m confident we will have it returned!!

– Jamie B.

This is a game changer. Lost my iPad on a flight to Chicago family movies photos and other important personal information.  I GOT IT BACK !!!!!!! Would recommend this to anyone. Run don’t walk to buy this. Perfect stocking stuffer and office gift.

William L 

This is How We Do It



Simply place a SPEECHEE Return Reward Tag Label on virtually anything you could lose.

Click IT

The App is free. Use of the SPEECHEE Cloud is free. Enroll your labeled items with the app or text messaging and you are all set. We monitor every labeled item you register, 24/7/365.


Sit tight, that's why we are here. You can use the free App to report your lost item to the authorities, or anyone else you choose. You can send your contact information, item description and even a photo of the item. Be hopeful, THE WHOLE WORLD IS YOUR SEARCH PARTY!


Anyone can find it, anyone can report it, we pick it up anywhere so there is a pretty good chance you will GET IT BACK! We have simplified the impossible and even give a reward to those that help.

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